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Caitlin Coflan

Associate Director

I went in with a pretty healthy degree of skepticism about e-learning being able to work for children in Sudan’s nomadic tribes. But this project impressed me — it is numeracy and literacy in games on a tablet, using children’s drawings that reflect the village where they live.”

An associate director at Results for Development, Caitlin Coflan focuses on education issues, including skills and employability and out-of-school children. She often performs qualitative research, including interviews and focus groups, in order to produce case studies of successful programs that can help inform program funders.

Currently, Ms. Coflan is co-leading a partnership with Educate a Child that is analyzing best practices and lessons learned in delivering education to out-of-school children around the globe. As co-author of Journeys to Scale, a report documenting the path to scale for promising education innovations, she wrote a case study on “Can’t Wait to Learn,” a tablet-based program devised by the Sudanese education ministry to deliver e-learning to elementary-age out-of-school children in remote parts of Sudan.

In her youth- and skills-focused work, Ms. Coflan has led a landscape analysis of youth employability challenges and corresponding approaches in Brazil, India, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. In addition, she has analyzed demand for peer learning among African youth employment implementers. She also co-authored a systematic review of positive youth development in low- and middle-income countries under the YouthPower initiative.

Before beginning development work, Ms. Coflan taught middle school for two years in Yunnan, China, where many students were the left-behind children of migrant workers. In her first development job at Save the Children, she worked on youth employability programs and the acquisition of “soft skills.” Her past experience also includes internships with the White House Domestic Policy Council and ASER Centre in New Delhi.

Ms. Coflan holds a master’s degree in international development and international economics from Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies and a BA in government from Georgetown University. She speaks English, French and Mandarin Chinese.

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