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Mark Roland

Practice Co-Lead, Education

In light of the mounting evidence about the positive impact of education — ranging from improved economic growth to better health outcomes to enhanced likelihood of political stability — global underinvestment in the sector defies logic. However, more money is not enough. Increases in the volume of education aid must  be accompanied by a smarter allocation of resources. Of particular importance is the need to sustain programs which support early childhood development and set up children for a lifetime of flourishing.” 

Mark Roland has 12 years of experience in health and education system strengthening. His areas of expertise include non-state education, evaluation and learning, innovation and sustainable financing.

As a Results for Development program director, Mr. Roland provides analyses and information to help policymakers and foundations make more informed decisions on their programs. He also leads the development and management of the education team’s internal operations. At R4D, Mr. Roland co-authored “Journeys to Scale” — a report that looks at five innovative education programs and their attempts to scale up — and co-led a needs assessment for low-cost private schools in Ghana. Mr. Roland also conducted an evaluation of the Global Partnership for Education.

Mr. Roland has written development financing reports on education, health and nutrition, and he co-chairs the workforce panel of the Early Childhood Development Action Network. Now working on the role of non-state education in situations of crisis and conflict, he is evaluating programs that aim to reduce the number of out-of-school children.

Before joining R4D, Mr. Roland served as a graduate intern with UNICEF, working on regional health system strengthening efforts, as well as a consultant for an Indian public-private partnership focused on vaccine research and development. He also has served as a project manager for the Medicaid program in Massachusetts, known as MassHealth, helping to ensure steady implementation of the Commonwealth’s efforts to roll out comprehensive health coverage.

Mr. Roland holds a master’s degree in public affairs from Princeton University and a BA in philosophy from the University of Notre Dame. He speaks English and Spanish.

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