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Milan Thomas


In his former role as senior program associate on the R4D global health and global education teams, Milan Thomas contributed to and led a number of research projects on topics including out of school children, human capital and development, education finance (with Nicholas Burnett), development assistance for health, and fiscal space analysis (with Robert Hecht). He has discussed his research at international academic conferences (including the Pan-Commonwealth Forum and Comparative International Education Society), as well as on leading world news programs (including Voice of America and CNBC Africa). His publications as an R4D Fellow include chapters in UNICEF’s Global Report on Out of School Children and Routledge’s International Handbook on Development and Education.

Milan has a PhD in Economics from Georgetown University, an MSc in Finance from the London School of Economics, and a BA and MPhil in Economics from the University of Cambridge. His PhD research was on economic analysis of development innovations.

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