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Nkem Wellington

Communications Director, Health Systems Strengthening Accelerator

Nkem Wellington is a communications professional with over 10 years of experience helping mission-driven organization tell their stories, engage their target audiences and measure the impact of their communications efforts.

As project communications director for the Health Systems Strengthening Accelerator, Ms. Wellington leads strategic communications and outreach for the program, including audience research, brand and messaging development, outreach and stakeholder engagement. She also works closely with technical leads to plan and execute critical cross-cutting communications functions such as stakeholder mapping, outreach and engagement activities, network management, knowledge management, and packaging and dissemination. She was previously a senior communications officer at R4D, leading communications for the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage.

Throughout her career, Ms. Wellington has directed communications campaigns on a range of global health issues. As a communications officer at Results for Development, she helped launch UHC Forward — a knowledge aggregation platform focused on universal health coverage.

In her previous role at John Snow, Inc. (JSI), Ms. Wellington led corporate communications in the D.C. office, which included coordinating strategic communications activities, leading promotion of the JSI brand among staff and supporting international project communication needs as appropriate, including development of reports, journal articles, blogs, photo essays, technical reports, presentations, success stories and other materials.

Ms. Wellington attended Denison University. She is a native English speaker.

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