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Rachel Chuang

Program Officer

Rachel Chuang is a program officer at Results for Development (R4D), specializing in education technology, girls’ education, and higher education. Ms. Chuang currently works on the EdTech Hub’s Helpdesk management team, providing just-in-time, evidence-based support on EdTech topics to decision makers. At EdTech Hub, she also oversees a growing network of 25+ specialists with diverse geographic and subject-matter expertise.

Before joining R4D, Ms. Chuang was a policy consultant with the Eswatini Ministry of Education and Training, where she supported the expansion of distance education programming across the country. In addition, she has previously worked on various healthcare, non-profit, and international development projects as a management consultant at Accenture.

Ms. Chuang holds an Ed.M. in international education policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a B.A. in biological sciences and a business minor from Cornell University.

Articles and other publications

Chuang, R., Burnett, N., Robinson, E. (2021). Cost-effectiveness and EdTech: Considerations and case studies (Helpdesk Response 32). EdTech Hub.

Chuang, R., & Khalayleh, A. (2021). Low-Tech Devices and Connectivity for Learning in Lebanon (EdTech Hub Helpdesk Response No. 29). EdTech Hub.

Chuang, R., Kaye, T., Moss Coflan, C., & Haßler, B. (2020). Back-to-School Campaigns Following Disruptions to Education (EdTech Hub Helpdesk Response No. 12A). EdTech Hub.

Chuang, R., Kaye, T., Koomar, S., McBurnie, C., & Moss Coflan, C. (2020, August 31). Nine takeaways from our reviews of COVID-19 education responses. EdTech Hub.

Allier-Gagneur, Z., Chuang, R., McBurnie, C., & Haßler, B. (2020). Using Blended Learning to Support Marginalised Adolescent Girls’ Education: A Review of the Evidence (Helpdesk Response No. 25). EdTech Hub.

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