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Raymond Struyk

Senior Fellow

Raymond Struyk is an economist with significant experience in developing and transition countries. As a resident advisor he has led housing and housing finance development projects in Indonesia (2 years), Russia (7), Hungary (2), an Eastern Europe regional project based in Frankfurt (3) and Egypt (1).

Until 2012, Dr. Struyk was a Senior Fellow at the NORC at the University of Chicago, where he worked on strengthening housing finance, program evaluation, and the institutional development of think tanks. He joined NORC in 2007 after 30 years at the Urban Institute (where he founded its international program in 1981) and three years as the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Research and Evaluation during the Carter Administration.

Dr. Struyk is now affiliated with the Results for Development Institute. Dr. Struyk helped create think tanks in Hungary and Russia and has worked in detail with a dozen more on management, communications, and research issues.

Among his publications concerning think tanks are Reconstructive Critics: Think Tanks in Post-Soviet Bloc Democracies (Urban Institute Press, 1999); and, Managing Think Tanks (Open Society Institute and Urban Institute, 2nd ed., 2006) and a dozen journal articles.

Dr. Struyk holds a PhD in economics from Washington University in St. Louis and has published widely on housing, housing finance, and evaluation topics. His work today focuses primarily on think tank development.

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