Image of Yosinda Arsy Iblanarisa

Yosinda Arsy Iblanarisa

Program Officer

Yosinda Arsy Iblanarisa leads programs and builds new relationships for Results for Development (R4D) in Indonesia. Her work focuses on risk mitigation documentation, analyzing changes on enabling factors, stakeholder management, knowledge management, monitoring and evaluation and reporting. She plays a key role in program oversight and quality assurance to support R4D’s Indonesia health financing initiatives.

Before joining R4D, Ms. Iblanarisa worked at Palladium International Indonesia in strategic health purchasing as program coordinator and served as the key liaison to the ministry of health, national health insurance agency and other ministerial offices in Indonesia.

Ms. Iblanarisa holds a bachelor’s of science in law degree from Bhayangkara University. She speaks fluent English.

Global & Regional Initiatives

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