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Inraini Fitria Syah

Program Officer

Inraini Fitria Syah has 20 years of experience working as a health professional with the Indonesian government, national and international non-governmental organizations. Her expertise includes maternal and neonatal health, project management and integrated health information system.

At Results for Development (R4D), Ms. Syah is a program officer providing direct health financing and strategic purchasing support to the SHP Indonesia portfolio with a focus on maternal and newborn health. Her work includes analytical and consultative activities in support of improving capacity for strategic health purchasing under the Indonesian national health insurance program.

Prior to joining R4D, Ms. Syah was a chief project officer in the Summit Institute of Development (SID) and led a team which implemented projects focusing on health and technology. These projects include: Technologies for Health Registers, Information, and Vital Events–Open Smart Register Platform (THRIVE-OpenSRP); Digital Tool for the Adoption of the World Health Organization’s Antenatal Care Recommendations user and field testing; Enhanced Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Test Project with smart open reader digital platform; Knowledge Gateway by Online Knowledge Certification to improve midwives’ knowledge and healthcare quality through evaluation and training.

Ms. Syah also worked on Indonesia’s health insurance program for the poor and near-poor (JAMKESMAS) on the district level and as a certified midwife, led a community birthing center. She also led a team which won grants from Grand Challenge Canada (GCC) and Global Financing Facility (GFF) aiming to enhance the health system through utilization of on-time data and improve human resources capacity in the health sector.

Ms. Syah obtained a master’s degree in public health from Montclair State University where she received scholarships from USAID. She is a native speaker of Bahasa Indonesia and is fluent in English. Ms. Syah is part of the Alumni Association of Scholarship Program USA – Indonesia (ALPHA-I) management team.


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