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Kimberly Churchwell

Senior Program Associate

Kimberly Churchwell has experience developing strategies across the public and private sectors to adapt markets and increase uptake of new products both in the US and internationally.

As a senior program associate with Results for Development’s market shaping practice based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Ms. Churchwell provides in-country support for the practice’s flagship project, which is focused on increasing access to childhood pneumonia treatment. Additionally, she provides support on other Tanzania-focused health initiatives. Her role includes working closely with the Government of Tanzania and other partners to provide strategic and technical assistance across various areas including information dissemination, supply chain monitoring and quantification and forecasting to ensure proper commodity availability at public health facilities.

Before joining R4D, Ms. Churchwell spent several years as a strategy consultant working across the United States, with a focus on crafting market entry strategies for a variety of goods and services. Notably, she worked with a large regional insurance bureau to re-align portfolio investments around social missions to enable a maximization of patients receiving high-quality services. Additionally, she has worked with a wide variety of food and beverage companies on issues related to due-diligence to create synergistic product-line expansions and has leveraged various big-data sources to craft launch strategies. These strategies include developing optimal price-quantity packaging arrangements, optimizing promotional spend to reach targeted audiences and developing sales tracking and demand forecasting models.

Kimberly holds a BA in economics and psychology from the University of Michigan. She is a native speaker of English and is eagerly learning Kiswahili.

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