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Tamara Chikhradze

Senior Program Officer

Tamara Chikhradze has devoted the majority of her professional career to supporting health financing policies and universal health coverage at national and global scales and has accumulated over seven years of experience working with private, public, national and international institutions.

At Results for Development, Ms. Chikhradze is a senior program officer providing technical and managerial leadership, mainly on health systems and health financing. Prior to relocating to the Washington D.C. office, she spent four years in West Africa, six months of which she worked as a consultant and technical adviser for R4D on projects in Ghana, Tanzania, Nigeria and Liberia.

Prior to moving to West Africa, Ms. Chikhradze worked at the Georgian ministry of labor, health, and social affairs and was involved in the design and launch of one of the biggest social policy reforms in the country since the collapse of Soviet Union, the Universal Healthcare Program of the Government of Georgia. She and her team developed and operationalized programs’ purchasing strategy and built and launched national health information systems for claims administration and payment.

Ms. Chikhradze was in West Africa during the time of the Ebola outbreak and worked on regional preparedness and response at the USAID West Africa Regional Mission. She worked with a multi-partner group that supported countries in strengthening their capacity to fight the virus. She continued to support regional resilience after the worst of the outbreak subsided, including participating in an initiative that launched the regional health information data platform for outbreak monitoring and trans-border data sharing.

Ms. Chikhradze’s experience also includes policy, operational, academic and teaching work with for-profit health insurance firms, non-profit organizations and public health schools.

Ms. Chikhradze holds an MSc in health policy, planning and financing from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She is a native Georgian speaker and is fluent in English and Russian.

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