Image of Teresa Guthrie

Teresa Guthrie

Senior Fellow

Teresa Guthrie is a South African health economist (M.P.H., Health Econ.) with over 13 years experience within African public health finance systems. This includes public financial expenditure management, tracking and reporting, costing, budgeting, cost efficiency analysis and fiscal space analysis (mainly within the social sectors), and policy & legislative analysis. She has also worked extensively with development partners (mostly Global Fund and PEPFAR) in some African countries and globally. Ms Guthrie also has several years experience in facilitating adult capacity building and mentorship (public expenditure tracking, costing and budgeting, budget monitoring and advocacy).

Recently, Ms. Guthrie undertook the expenditure analysis component of the South African HIV & TB Investment Case, and the Mauritian Investment Case costing and modeling. Other recent projects have included: Immunization costing in Uganda (as part of the EPIC studies funded by the BMGF); costing TB for the South African Global Fund concept note (which was almost fully funded); costing PMTCT (Option B+) for Zimbabwe, and providing technical support to the South African USAID & CDC in their analysis of their Expenditure Analysis data (done with R4D).

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