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Cheickna Toure

Program Director

Cheickna Toure is a health financing and information systems expert with almost 20 years of experience working for private for non-profit organizations in Africa, Europe and America on social protection and knowledge sharing.

At R4D, Mr. Toure is the health financing technical lead of African Collaborative for Health Financing Solutions project. He works to ensure the technical quality and use of appropriate financial approaches in sub-Saharan countries and to support the coordination of collaborative learning opportunities. He builds and manages strategic partnerships and collaborative relationships with potential partners and key experts. He also oversees the day-to-day work of other project staff.

For more than 15 years prior to joining R4D, Mr. Toure worked with public and private organizations including NGOs and political representatives to advocate and push for universal access to healthcare in Mali. As deputy director of a community-based health insurance scheme, he worked with the ministry of social affairs to design, implement and monitor a national health coverage extension plan. As a consultant with the World Health Organization, Mr. Toure conducted studies on health financing issues in Mali and assisted the ministries of health, solidarity and family and welfare to develop Mali’s national health financing strategy. He has also helped several result-based financing programs to design and implement strong and smart information systems.

Mr. Toure is a member of diverse communities of practices (health service delivery, financial access, results-based financing, collaborative learning), where he is trying to bring novel perspectives for advancing universal health coverage.

Mr. Toure holds a master’s in information systems engineering from the University of Paris XII, and an MPT from the University of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp. He speaks English and French. Mr. Toure lives in Bamako with his wife and three children.

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