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Chloe Lanzara

Senior Program Officer

Chloe Lanzara is a global health professional focused on projects that support low- and middle-income countries in designing and implementing reforms to achieve universal health coverage.

As a program officer at R4D, her work employs models of data-driven decision-making and collaborative learning across countries to support improved measurement of primary health care service delivery and quality of care, as well as effective use of data for performance improvement.

As a technical facilitator of the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage, Ms. Lanzara works with a diverse group of countries across Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia to share knowledge and translate individual country experiences into practical guidance and tools for use worldwide. In addition, she works to implement the joint learning model at the subnational level in Nigeria, providing technical assistance to state government actors on health care financing reforms for universal health coverage. Other work includes support for the design and launch of major global initiatives devoted to supporting countries in primary health care improvement and achieving universal health coverage, including the Primary Health Care Performance Initiative (PHCPI), a partnership of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, World Bank Group, and World Health Organization that was officially launched in September 2015.

Before joining R4D, Ms. Lanzara conducted research on maternal mortality in Bangladesh and worked with multiple organizations dedicated to human rights and international development. Her past experiences include interning with Amnesty International, working in a health clinic on the Thai-Myanmar border to increase access to hospital services by migrant and refugee populations, and supporting maternal health and community development programs in Liberia.

Ms. Lanzara holds an MPH in health policy and management from Columbia University and a BA in international relations and economics from Colgate University. She speaks English and Spanish.

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