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Chloe Lanzara

Associate Director

Chloe Lanzara is an associate director at Results for Development focused on the intersection of health systems strengthening, innovation, and novel evaluation and adaptive learning methodologies.

Ms. Lanzara has worked on a variety of health programs at R4D, utilizing her expertise in approaches that include data for decision-making, evaluation and adaptive learning, collaborative learning, public-private engagement, and more. A qualitative research expert, she is excited by opportunities to co-design innovative research that enables learning within projects and equips local change agents with the data and evidence they need to improve their programming — and ultimately, lead to stronger health systems and better health outcomes.

Prior to joining R4D in 2014, Ms. Lanzara conducted research on maternal mortality in Bangladesh and worked with multiple organizations dedicated to human rights and global development. Her past experiences include campaigning for maternal health with Amnesty International, working on the Thai-Myanmar border to increase access to hospital services for migrant and refugee populations, and supporting maternal health and community development programs in Liberia.

Ms. Lanzara holds an MPH in health policy, management, and human rights from Columbia University and a BA in international relations and economics from Colgate University.

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