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Christina Shaw

Senior Communications Officer

Christina Shaw is a marketing and communications professional with over eight years of experience working with mission-driven non-profit organizations to design and execute high-impact digital strategies and initiatives that reach target audiences and improve health outcomes.

As a senior communications officer at Results for Development, Ms. Shaw directs the vision, strategy, and day-to-day management of marketing and communications for the Linked Immunization Action Network, a global health program that brings together government officials, practitioners, development partners, and other global experts from 19 countries to solve pertinent immunization program challenges. Within this role, Ms. Shaw strategizes and builds strategic partnerships with communications professionals at partner institutions, as well as designs and executes communications initiatives across email, social media, web, and other digital platforms with the goal of increasing the reach and uptake of network learnings.

Before joining R4D, Ms. Shaw was a communications and knowledge management specialist at the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, where she delivered impactful digital strategies. She co-led the design, creation, and day-to-day management of web-based toolkits and communities of practice accessed by over 700 active users in the family planning field, generating nearly 10,000 page views per month, built a custom, interactive web map of the global burden of cholera for researchers and field workers to improve cholera control response in both outbreak and endemic settings, and co-authored a literature review to better understand the role of integration of oral cholera vaccine and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) and the potential impact of that integration.

Prior to that, Ms. Shaw served as a digital marketing specialist at Johns Hopkins HealthCare, where she managed cross-functional collaboration to develop and execute integrated marketing campaigns that improved health outcomes and converted new plan members across four health insurance products. In this role, Ms. Shaw led email marketing, social media marketing, member engagement, paid media, and SMS text messaging programs focused on improving chronic disease prevention and management and increasing coverage of routine vaccines.

Ms. Shaw holds a BBA with a focus in marketing from Temple University’s Fox School of Business and a post-baccalaureate certification in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from Penn State University.

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