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Ian Vickers

Senior Program Manager

Ian Vickers is an international development professional with a background in applying human-centered design methodologies to deliver programs, policies and services in the public sector. At Results for Development (R4D), he is a senior program manager in the evaluation and adaptive learning team. His work focuses on helping partners experiment with innovative solutions and technologies, evaluate their impact and iterate.

Mr. Vickers joins R4D from Plan International UK where he worked on development programs and supported the monitoring and evaluation of education and WASH programs. Prior to this, he spent six years working as a consultant on human-centered design projects in the public sector as a product owner and analyst. He worked across a range of central government departments in the UK, and helped deliver new programs, policies and services in both the education and justice sectors. Prior to his consulting work, he spent a year in Nepal as an intern at the European Commission.

Some of his career achievements (in the UK) include:

  • Helping deliver a number of new digital products and services for the prisons and probation service.
  • Completing ambitious research projects in central government, which service-mapped the education and justice systems, and identified opportunities for digital transformation.
  • Working in small multi-disciplinary teams, tasked with designing national level policy and services for teachers and for adult education.

Mr. Vickers holds an MPhil in development studies from the University of Cambridge, and a B.A. (with honors) in history from Durham University.

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