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Oluwafeyikemi Agbola

Senior Program Associate

Oluwafeyikemi Agbola is a public health professional with interest in health care financing, health advocacy, health systems strengthening and nutrition in Africa. At Results for Development (R4D), she is a senior program associate for projects in the health financing program in Nigeria and the market shaping program. In 2020/21, she worked on the Demand Side Financing (DSF) project in Kaduna to help design and implement the state social health insurance scheme. Currently, she works on the FMOH budget work process of the Nigeria Health Financing Project, the NHIS Leadership Program (NLDP) and the Maternal and Child Health (MNCH) Project.

Prior to working for R4D, Ms. Agbola worked in business development and training facilitation with financial institutions where she also monitored business performance and increased client engagement. Before that, she interned at CHESTRAD International, doubling as a research consultant for the United Nations Women Trafficking In-Person (TIP) study in in Nigeria, Mali, and Sudan. She also co-produced an advocacy video story which increased the accountability of the research findings.

Ms. Agbola has also worked in communications and media. She worked in television (Africa Magic), radio (Diamond FM) and other media outfits (Rare Edge Media, Ignite Media etc.) on various projects as an on-air personality, social media manager, television host and actor. She enjoys putting her research skills to use in disseminating educational information.

Ms. Agbola holds a master’s degree in public health (health policy and management) from the University of Ibadan. She speaks English, Yoruba, and some French. When not actively working, she can be found exercising, cleaning, dancing, and seeing movies.

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