Webinar: Build Back Better: Anaemia Programmes Post COVID-19

The the Accelerated Reduction Effort on Anaemia (AREA) Community of Practice (CoP) will hold a webinar on June 25 to discuss anaemia programs post COVID.

From the website announcement:

β€œIn 2012, world leaders committed to halving anaemia prevalence in women by 2025. The World Bank and its partners estimate that to meet this target, the world will need to invest $12.9B billion on top of current funding in the next 10 years. If achieved, the outcomes would be enormous: 265 million cases of anaemia prevented, 799,000 lives saved and hundreds of millions on earnings.

Progress towards achieving the target has been slow, and the epidemics of COVID-19 is harming both the health and food systems in unthinkable ways a few months ago.

Is there a way forward? What to do to keep anaemia prevention as a priority in the resilience agenda of countries and donors?”



  • Luz Maria De-Regil – AREA CoP Moderator

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