Webinar: Childhood Pneumonia Quality-of-Care

Pneumonia remains the single largest infectious cause of death among children under-five globally. Yet, many of these deaths are preventable with appropriate vaccines, timely diagnosis, and prescription of affordable treatments. Accelerating efforts to prevent, diagnose, and treat childhood pneumonia is thus critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals to end preventable child mortality by 2030. One critical challenge standing in the way is the lack of evidence to determine the right efforts to improve pneumonia diagnosis and treatment, especially in countries with high burdens of childhood pneumonia. 

“Childhood Pneumonia Quality-of-Care: A closer look at frontline provider diagnosis and prescription behaviors in India and Tanzania” took place on November 9, 2021. Results for Development and RTI International hosted a distinguished group of speakers and panelists as they presented findings from recently published studies on diagnosis and prescription rates in Tanzania and the presence of a “know-can” gap in provider behaviors in India. The presentations were followed by a moderated panel discussion on the impact of these findings and related interventions which should be prioritized to drive improvements in childhood pneumonia diagnosis and prescription.

Moderator: Dr. Carina King, Associate Professor, Department of Global Public Health, Karolinska Institute, and Co-Chair, Every Breath Counts Research Group 



  • Taylor Salisbury, Senior Program Officer, Results for Development 
  • Lopamudra Ray Saraswati, Knowledge Management Specialist, RTI International 
  • Dr. Rajiv Tandon, Director, Health, RTI International


  • Dr. Mwanaidi Amiri, Pediatrician, Muhimbili National Hospital, Tanzania
  • Dr. Ntuli A Kapologwe, Director of Health Services, President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government, Tanzania
  • Dr. Sumita Ghosh, Commissioner Child Health, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India
  • Dr. Anne Detjen, Child Health Specialist, Integrated Service Delivery, UNICEF HQ
  • Dr. Priya Nanda, Senior Program Officer, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, India Office
  • Ms. Sakina Baker, Head of CSR, Philips Foundation India

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