Webinar – Domestic Resource Mobilization: Country strategies to enhance health funding in normal times and times of crisis

All recent global financing analyses show significant gaps in funding to meet the health-related Sustainable Development Goals in low- and middle-income countries (LMICSs), along with declining donor funding. This situation starkly highlights the need for more domestic resource mobilization (DRM) as well as efficient use of current resources. Attention to DRM is especially urgent during a health crisis, when countries need to balance resource requirements for their emergency response against funding needs for all other essential health functions.

In this third event in the Working Towards Sustainable Health Systems webinar series, international health financing experts, including Results for Development’s Cheryl Cashin, Esubalew Demisse and Andre Zida, will discuss strategies being used by LMICs to raise more resources for health locally, and share country-level DRM experiences in normal times as well as times of health crisis.

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