ACS partners with the Uganda Healthcare Federation to support universal health coverage roadmap

April 6, 2021   |   Uganda

Media Contact: Katy Coleman

Washington, DC — The African Collaborative for Health Care Financing Solutions project (ACS) — led by Results for Development (R4D) — today announced a new partnership with the Uganda Healthcare Federation (UHF). This collaboration aims to broaden knowledge and understanding of the Ugandan universal health coverage (UHC) roadmap. UHF will provide support to the roadmap’s implementation by engaging critical stakeholders and leveraging ACS-developed knowledge products in Uganda.

“We have our eyes focused on Vision 2040, and the UHC roadmap is a big component of us achieving this,” said Grace Ssali Kiwanuka, executive director of UHF. “With this contract, UHF anticipates the conversation around UHC in Uganda shall evolve and become a relatable issue for more stakeholders in sectors other than health, all of whom have a role to play in Uganda’s health sector future.”

In 2018, Uganda was at a critical point in moving its health financing strategy forward. With the leadership of Ugandan experts from UHF, ACS supported the development of a national UHC roadmap to enhance coordination among policies, national actors and development partners to concretely and collaboratively advance UHC in the country. The UHC roadmap is now serving as a reference document for the private sector policy document for multi-sectoral private sector inclusion in the national COVID-19 response. This new institutional partnership through ACS  will be pivotal to facilitate a multi-stakeholder process that mobilises civil society and the private sector as contributing partners to advance UHC, while bolstering trust, accountability, and transparency.

Allison Kelley, ACS project director and senior program director R4D, said: “Uganda Healthcare Federation’s trusted relationships with the Government of Uganda, health service providers, the private sector, civil society, and development partners will play a key role in building momentum and buy-in across a broad group of stakeholders to implementing the Ugandan UHC Roadmap.”

As the umbrella body for the Uganda non-state health sector, UHF lobbies, advocates, campaigns, mobilizes and mediates for the private sector. UHF offers a unique connection with Uganda’s private health sector through a diverse membership, and contact database of over 2,000 connections, monthly networking events, newsletter, online presence and regular interactions with the private sector in districts outside Kampala. UHF implements programs related to the Uganda health sector and disseminates information, and contributes to sector development through lobbying and advocacy activities.



About the African Collaborative for Health Financing Solutions
Launched in 2017, the African Collaborative for Health Financing Solutions (ACS) is a five-year, United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded project that recognized the political will in SSA to advance UHC. Now moving into its final year, ACS is focused on strengthening the UHC ecosystem and building linkages between countries and regional institutions to build evidence, catalyze learning and sustain momentum. ACS supports the governments of Botswana, Burkina Faso, Namibia, Togo and Uganda to advance their UHC agendas by 1) identifying operational challenges around health financing policies, 2) bringing essential people to the table, then facilitating evidence-based collaboration and processes to design, test, and adapt solutions to tackle those challenges, and 3) creating communication pathways to strengthen and support learning, advocacy and accountability. For more information, visit the ACS web page.

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