BMJ Opinion: A safer world starts with strong primary healthcare

October 26, 2020

[Gina Lagomarsino, R4D’s president and CEO, and Orin Levine, Atul Gawande, Gina Lagomarsino, Edward Kelley, Lu Wei Pearson, and Muhammad Ali Pate highlight the critical role primary health care has in keeping our communities safe and healthy — in this BMJ op-ed.]

forced them to tackle a new infectious disease, protect health workers and patients, and figure out how to still deliver essential health services. The virus has preyed especially on the vulnerable, setting back global efforts to ensure that everyone everywhere has access to equitable, high quality care whenever they need it.

But we know how to get back on track.

Two years ago, world leaders endorsed the Declaration of Astana, marking their commitment to strengthening primary healthcare as the cornerstone of resilient health systems and the most effective pathway towards health for all. The global community united behind high quality primary healthcare, where person centered, comprehensive frontline services are capable of meeting the majority of people’s health needs at every stage of life. It provides the foundation for strong health systems that can prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease outbreaks; improve health outcomes for the world’s most vulnerable people; and strengthen a broad and inclusive movement for universal healthcare.

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Photo © Kate Holt, JHPIEGO/MCSP

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