EdTech Hub: 15 EdTech research papers that we share all the time

January 24, 2020

[In this blog from the Ed Tech Hub, Caitlin Moss, a senior program officer on R4D’s education team, shares 15 EdTech research papers the EdTech community often reaches for and cites.]

We hope you saw our recent blog post responding to questions we often get about interesting large-scale EdTech initiatives. Another question we are often asked is: “What EdTech research should I know about?”

As Sara’s blog post explains, one of the Hub’s core spheres of work is research, so we ourselves are very interested in the answer to this question. Katy’s latest blog post explains how the Hub’s research programme is addressing this question through a literature review to create a foundation for further research.  While the literature review is in progress, we thought we would share an initial list of EdTech papers that we often reach for. At the Hub we are fortunate enough to have authors of several papers on this list as members of our team.

All papers on this list are linked to a record in the EdTech Hub’s growing document library — where you will find the citation and source to the full text. This library is currently an alpha version. This means it’s the first version of the service and we’re testing how it works for you. If you have any feedback or find any issues with our evidence library, please get in touch.

To read the full blog, click here.

Photo © Ed Owles, Worldview

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