EdTech Hub: Helpdesk and COVID-19

April 9, 2020

[In this blog from the Ed Tech Hub, Caitlin Moss, a senior program officer on R4D’s education team, shares 15 EdTech research papers the EdTech community often reaches for and cites.]

With more than 1.5 billion children now affected by school closures, ministries of education and decision-makers around the world are urgently in need of fast, evidence-based, context-specific advice about out-of-school learning. Teachers, caregivers, parents and policymakers are tirelessly working to ensure that learning doesn’t stop. Faced with one of the biggest global disruptions to schooling in living memory, already overstretched ministries and their advisers are looking for resources and guidance. The EdTech Hub’s Helpdesk will immediately launch to respond to this need.

How will we do this?

Critical to our mission is the translation of evidence into action. One way the Hub does this is through our Helpdesk–a mechanism for providing direct demand-driven support to DFID and World Bank staff who are working hand in hand with ministries of education across low- and middle-income countries. They can request guidance ranging from how EdTech can be used to support basic literacy and numeracy, to what we know about using technology for teacher professional development.

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