Global Partnership for Education: EdTech and the global learning crisis

July 6, 2022

[In this blog via the Global Partnership for Education, R4D’s Verna Lalbeharie, executive director of EdTech Hub, and David Hollow, director of research at EdTech Hub and team leader of Jigsaw, call for an evidence-based future for EdTech in low-income countries, explain how EdTech Hub contributes to this, and pose five key questions that everyone working in EdTech should be obsessed with asking and answering. EdTech Hub is a research-to-practice program led by R4D and partners.]

It is widely recognized that the potential for technologies to help address the global learning crisis has not yet been realized. We believe this is due to a lack of evidence in EdTech and a lack of use of evidence in EdTech.

When we say “EdTech,” we mean technologies—including hardware, software and digital content—that have been designed for, or can be used for, educational purposes.

This deliberately broad definition includes low-tech and non-digital modalities, such as radio, television and SMS, as they are often most available to marginalized learners.

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Photo © UNICEF/UNI342044

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