Results for Development adds four new Board members

January 24, 2024   |   Global

WASHINGTON, D.C — Results for Development (R4D), a global nonprofit organization committed to partnering with change agents to strengthen health and education systems and improve lives around the world, announced the addition of four new leaders to its Board of Directors.

These individuals bring a wealth of expertise and important perspectives. Additionally, they share R4D’s commitment to fostering local leadership that can sustain results and advance equity.

  • Anuradha Gupta: Ms. Gupta is President of Global Immunization at Sabin Vaccine Institute. She previously served as the head of India’s Rural Health Mission and Deputy CEO of Gavi. Read more about Ms. Gupta.
  • Jean-Paul Dossou: Dr. Dossou is the Director of CERRHUD, a Benin-based health research and implementation organization active in several Sub-Saharan African countries and a valued R4D local partner. Read more about Dr. Dossou.
  • Lola Adedokun: Ms. Adedokun is the Executive Director of Aspen Global Innovators Group and the former head of the African Health Initiative of the Doris Duke Foundation. Read more about Ms. Adedokun.
  • Lindsay Coates: Ms. Coates is currently an advisor to the Re-Imagining the INGO Project (RINGO), and previously served as managing director at BRAC and president of Interaction, the industry association for nonprofit international NGOs. Read more about Ms. Coates.

With these additions, 50 percent of the R4D Board now identify as proximate leaders, with significant ties to their lower- or middle-income country of origin. It is also the first time R4D has invited a leader from one of its local partner organizations to join the Board. These additions also represent a growing contingent of women on our board. This progress is one way we’re continuing to demonstrate our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion at R4D.

“We are delighted to welcome such accomplished and dedicated leaders to our Board. Their collective expertise and lived experience will play a crucial role in guiding R4D as we tackle complex global issues and realize our vision to be a locally-rooted, globally-connected organization,” said Gina Lagomarsino, president and CEO at R4D.

The new members have expressed their enthusiasm for joining the Board, noting R4D’s unique attributes and highly impactful contributions in the global development space. Ms. Gupta said R4D’s, “focus on public health, sustainable and innovative financing models, new age public-private partnerships and peer exchange and learning sets them apart as a unique organization.”

Dr. Dossou asserted, “I strongly believe in inclusive leadership, centered on people, as a powerful balm of hope to address many current challenges in sub-Saharan Africa. Thus, I’m happy to join the board of R4D, which is demonstrating a transformative leadership approach in global health.”

Ms. Adedokun praised R4D’s focus on localization, saying, “R4D is truly working to shift global power imbalances to support effective country leadership. I am thrilled to join the Board and help steer the future of the organization.”

And Ms. Coates also confirmed her support, noting that, “R4D is a vibrant and effective innovator. I am honored to join this distinguished Board and the dynamic team.”

The appointment of these leaders further solidifies R4D’s position as a pioneer in global development, with a focus on building strong global and regional ecosystems for learning and collaboration that enable leaders around the world to successfully improve the lives of people in their communities.

View the full list of R4D Board Members.


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