Connecting Adult Learners to Career and Training Opportunities

The Challenge

Adult learners with low literacy, numeracy, and vocational skills face significant barriers to identifying and pursuing relevant training and career opportunities. These learners lack an engaging and interactive tool to connect them with resources, training programs, and career paths that fit their skillsets, needs, and aspirations.

The Opportunity

Results for Development is partnering with Pearson, Project Literacy and ProLiteracy to develop a digital self-assessment, education, and career matching platform to support individuals in need of improved literacy skills, credentials, and workforce preparation. This platform, named Workforce Atlas, provide support for adult learners with low literacy, numeracy, and vocational skills to accurately self-assess needs and opportunities, realistic career recommendations, and seamless resource connections. It will be piloted with local adult basic education non-organizations in Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and Houston, before expanding nationally.

Our Work

R4D currently serves as the learning partner for the design and piloting of Workforce Atlas. We will support partners in testing and adapting the Workforce Atlas during pre-pilot and pilot phases. This will be done using R4D’s Adaptive Learning approach, which incorporates structured experimentation into ongoing implementation to foster rapid learning and adaptation of the intervention model. The purpose of R4D’s support is to ensure that the intervention is tested and optimized based on monitoring and results data prior to scaling-up.

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