Analysis of Consolidated Spending on HIV and TB in South Africa

South Africa mounts the world’s largest HIV program and is rapidly scaling up its response to TB, the country’s top killer. The government, PEPFAR, and the Global Fund spend more than USD 1.5 billion annually on HIV and TB prevention, care, and treatment interventions. To help the government and its development partners effectively manage these investments and ensure resources flow according to need and greatest potential impact, R4D and partners analyzed HIV and TB spending across the three funders to identify trends and potential opportunities to improve resource allocation and financial management.

These expenditure reviews were undertaken in collaboration with South Africa’s National Department of Health and with funding from the Global Fund, US Centers for Disease Control, and USAID. The Centre for Economic Governance and Accountability in Africa (CEGAA) and Health Economics and Epidemiology Research Office (HE2RO) participated in the review covering 2014/15–2016/17.


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