Costs & Choices: Financing the Long-Term Fight Against AIDS

35 million people living with HIV/AIDS Worldwide. Over 2.5 million become infected every year. $13 Billion to fund the AIDS response in low- and middle-income countries in 2008. Where are we heading, and how will the epidemic look two decades from now?

In 2031 the AIDS pandemic will enter its 50th year. This report comes at a major crossroads in the history of the response to AIDS, as costs are rising rapidly at a time of economic uncertainty and tightening funds. This is the moment when wise policy decisions are needed, in order to contain spending, improve the efficiency of resource use, and ensure fair and sustainable financing for the global AIDS effort.

“Costs and Choices” shows that governments in the countries most affected by AIDS, their international partners, civil society organizations, and others on the front lines of the fight against the pandemic face a series of critical choices on how to approach HIV prevention, AIDS treatment, and orphan care, that have dramatically different financial and health consequences. This book recommends a series of actions that can move the world toward a better future in dealing with AIDS, while using financial resources in a more efficient and affordable manner.


The report’s two companion case studies are also available for download:

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