Global Development Innovation Landscape Q2 2019

Global Innovation Exchange (GIE) published a Global Development Innovation Landscape report based on data on the platform for innovations and funding as of May 27, 2019. The insights in the report are drawn from data representing 10,899 social innovations and 1,040 funding opportunities for USD820 Million worth of cumulative funding that have been showcased on GIE. 45%+ of the innovations on GIE have Verified Milestones. At the time of publishing on June 28, 2019, GIE had nearly 12,000 innovations and 1,178 funding opportunities for more than USD1 Billion worth of cumulative funding.

The report includes:

  1. Trends and gaps for both innovations and funding across geographies in 137+ low- and- middle-income countries (LMICs), and focus area which includes 13 different sectors and 24 cross-cutting topics. Where relevant, we’ve also done a comparison to our previous report from Oct 2018.
  2. Background about GIE, especially the data about innovations and funding including an introduction in the beginning and FAQs at the end.
  3. Why and how the global development community is utilizing the data and information on the GIE platform to scale up social innovations, reach funding goals and help strengthen the global development innovation ecosystem. This includes some examples of innovation profiles and examples of how GIE’s platform has been used by ecosystem supporters, the United Nations, and agencies like USAID to develop custom sites for projects that utilize GIE’s database of innovation profiles.

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