Health Financing Policy: The Macroeconomic, Fiscal, and Public Finance Context

From the World Bank and authored by R4D Senior Program Director Cheryl Cashin, a new study, “Health Financing Policy: The Macroeconomic, Fiscal, and Public Finance Context” outlines the key components of the macroeconomic, fiscal, and public financial management context that need to be considered for an informed health financing discussion at the country level.

The study is organized around four sets of questions that are key to placing the health financing dialogue in the context of a country’s macroeconomic and fiscal context. Each section points to measures, resources, and analytical tools that are available to assist in answering these questions for a specific country. The study draws on case studies from 11 countries moving toward or sustaining universal health coverage conducted as part of the Japan–World Bank Partnership Program on UHC as well as from other country examples.

Download the report at the link above, or from the World Bank Open Knowledge Repository.

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