Immunization Financing: A Resource Guide for Advocates, Policymakers, and Program Managers

This resource guide compiles 26 briefs on topics related to the cost and financing of national immunization programs in low- and middle-income countries. The guide provides information and analysis to help advocates, policymakers, and program managers assess different financing options, approaches to strategic purchasing, and strategies for policy change, incorporating recent country experience in these areas.

The guide is an update to the Immunization Financing Toolkit: A Resource for Policy-Makers and Program Managers, published by the World Bank and the Gavi Alliance in December 2010. Since the publication of the toolkit in 2010, several important trends have emerged:

  • New vaccines, new opportunities: The number of new, lifesaving vaccines has continued to expand, offering unprecedented opportunities to countries but also requiring increased financing.
  • More countries transitioning from Gavi support: Gavi has revised its eligibility, co-financing, and transition policies. Many countries with economic growth are now in the process of transitioning from Gavi support and must quickly scale up domestic financing for immunization in order to sustain progress.
  • Country commitments both to immunization and universal health coverage (UHC): Countries and the international community have made important new commitments to immunization and immunization financing. Countries have also made historic commitments to achieving UHC, to which immunization financing needs to be aligned.

Copies of each brief are available for download at Translations of the guide are available for download in:

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