The Role of the Private Sector in Health: A Landscape Analysis

A landscape analysis of global players’ attitudes toward the private sector in health systems and policy levers that influence these attitudes

Employing qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, the report assesses the attitudes of global and national stakeholders toward private sector health in developing countries.

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that the private sector could play an important role in financing and providing health services in low- and lower-middleincome countries (Tawfik et al. 2002; Larson et al. 2006; Sauerborn 2000; Hanson and Berman 1998). This recognition has led to several international fora and working groups that focus on how the private sector can become more involved in health systems. In such settings, some participants assert that negative attitudes toward the private sector are a barrier to expanding collaboration between the public and private sectors (CDC 2005). The purpose of this study was to explore these attitudes toward the private sector and impacts on public-private collaboration.

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