Tracking Aid for The WHA Nutrition Targets: Targeting Countries Most In Need


In 2017, the global Investment Framework for Nutrition estimated the costs to scale-up nutrition-specific interventions at the level required to achieve the World Health Assembly (WHA) targets for nutrition and outlined what the needs from the donor community would be to do so. Since then, R4D has been tracking donor disbursements to support this scale-up in order to monitor progress towards the global goals.

With a growing body of data on donor aid for nutrition, a key question arises: Is aid for nutrition targeted to countries most in need?

There are many ways of defining “need” — including nutrition burden and ability for countries to self-financing nutrition programs domestically — and R4D has been exploring ways to answer this question using data generated from R4D’s work to track progress in nutrition-specific disbursements towards the WHA targets.

Please read our latest blog that unpacks what the data tells us and identifies countries with low levels of donor support relative to others. Click on the image below to see an interactive display of nutrition-specific aid by recipient country relative to burden.

Coming Soon: more analyses are on the way! In the meantime, please click on the links below under “Related News and Views” for more on this topic.

Tableau Heatmap: Is Aid for Nutrition Going Towards Countries That Need It Most? Comparison of Nutrition-Specific Aid by Burden and Income

Heat map

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