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Keith Mangam

Associate Director

Keith Mangam has more than eight years of experience working on projects focusing on economic development, community governance, vector control and health systems, with a technical focus on program monitoring, evaluation and rapid-cycle learning. His international development experience includes more than four years designing, implementing and managing M&E systems for public health, economic development and governance projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. His geographic focus has been mostly in francophone Sub-Saharan Africa and East Africa. Mr. Mangam is most interested in adaptive learning methods for continuous program improvement, building on local solutions identified by in-country experts, and engaging with communities to promote better governance.

At R4D, Mr. Mangam is an associate director for management and operations on the Joint Learning Network’s (JLN) Network Coordination team. In this role, he focuses on program operations and management including budgeting, expenditure and financial monitoring and reporting, as well as managing, delegating and mentoring junior program staff and consultants. He also focuses on deepening partnerships for the JLN and managing current partnerships to effectively deliver high-quality work to JLN members. Similarly, Mr. Mangam provides direction on membership engagement within the network to ensure that country members remain actively engaged with the technical offerings and community-building aspects of the JLN. Finally, he collaborates with Amanda Folsom, senior program director at R4D, on helping shape the strategic direction and long-term vision of the JLN in coordination with the network’s steering group and other coordinating partners.

Before joining R4D, Mr. Mangam was the M&E team lead for the President’s Malaria Initiative Africa Indoor Residual Spraying (PMI AIRS) project at Abt Associates, Inc. In that role he managed the operation of M&E systems in Senegal and Tanzania, as well as the creation of the M&E system for Zika activities in Haiti, while providing overall supervision and guidance to the M&E team in the home office and to in-country M&E officers. He also co-led the internal working groups on m-health and gender.

In July 2016, Global Health: Science and Practice published his paper evaluating the cost-effectiveness of a mobile messaging mobilization approach that was piloted in Mali in 2014. Mr. Mangam was also a contributing author on a paper published in Global Health: Science and Practice that analyzed the gender-inclusive employment practices of the PMI AIRS project and their outcomes on performance and project results. Previously, he was an impact evaluation field coordinator for the Development Impact Evaluation Division within the World Bank Group based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. He also has extensive experience with the use of mobile technology for data collection in resource-limited contexts in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Mr. Mangam holds a master’s degree in development economics and program evaluation from the Fletcher School at Tufts University. He is a native speaker of English, speaks fluent French and is conversational in Bambara/Jula.

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