Rapid Health Systems Integration Assessment Tool

This tool is one of two assessments produced by the Strengthening Mixed Health Systems (SMHS) project funded by Merck for Mothers, and builds on the Public-Private Engagement Ecosystem framework shared previously.

This document serves as a simple guide and provides a toolkit for conducting a rapid systems integration assessment for public-private engagement (PPE). This tool can help users to understand potential pathways or barriers for integration (and sustainability) of a PPE in the broader health system and then reflect on the way their engagement is structured to understand if there are potential needs to rethink the engagement model itself.

The tool is organized around four environmental factors and three structural factors identified as part of the PPE Ecosystem presented in the Ecosystem Brief. For each of the four environmental factors, users are encouraged to conduct a Strengths Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis to assess the factors vis-à-vis the specific PPE. Additional questions outlined in the tool are based on a set of important questions that were investigated as part of a rapid systems integration assessment completed for a maternal health quality of care PPE in India and represent good examples to consider. Though not exhaustive, the analysis conducted of the environmental factors can be used to inform similar analysis in varying contexts. It is expected that answering these questions will aid users in determining the potential influence of the environmental factors on their PPEs regardless of the nature of the PPE itself.



  • Cicely Thomas
  • Keith Mangam
  • Daniela Gutierriez

Access Health International

  • Jaidev Anand
  • Maulik Chokshi

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