Secondary Case Review of Public-Private Engagements in Health Crosscutting Analysis

This paper presents the results and learnings from the third piece of research under the SMHS project: the secondary case analysis. This research sought to contribute to answering the following key questions:

  1. Is the approach of supporting public-private engagements to strengthen maternal and newborn health and UHC associated with outcomes including improved quality of engagement between the sectors and improvements in relevant health service outcomes?
  2. What factors are associated with helping to achieve intended outcomes, and what factors are associated with hindering engagements?

The report begins with a section on the objectives, research questions, and rationale for this component of the research.  The next section describes the methodology for both the analysis of individual cases and cross-cutting analysis.  Subsequently, the document presents an overview of the individual cases, highlighting important context about the MHS programs and the existing research on each.  Finally, the report ends with two sections highlighting results and a discussion from the cross-cutting analysis of these cases.  It is worth noting that a full case report for each secondary case study is also available to download below, and each individual case provides more detailed information about the analysis and results for the target program.

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