Supporting Public-Private Engagement in Kakamega County (Kenya) Case Study

From August 2019 to April 2021, in collaboration with local partners, the SMHS project supported governments and local private sector in Kakamega County, Kenya and Maharashtra, India to improve and sustain their public-private engagements (PPEs). In Kenya, R4D partnered with Insight Health Advisors (IHA) and in India, ACCESS Health International (AHI). Throughout implementation, the project generated insights and evidence with the aim of producing global knowledge on the practical approaches that countries can adopt and adapt to effectively integrate quality private maternity care and other private sector services and innovations.

This report presents the results and learnings from the project’s support for public-private engagement in Kakamega County (Kenya). We begin with an Introduction to the Approach, Kakamega County, and the Objectives, Research Questions, and Rationale for this component of the research. The next section describes our Approach in Kenya, followed by Methodology for this analysis. We then end with Results and Discussion.



  • Courtney Tolmie
  • Chloe Lanzara
  • Cicely Thomas
  • Keith Mangam

Insight Health Advisors

  • Dr. Nelson Gitonga
  • Dr. Walter Obita
  • Dr. Lyndon Marani

Global & Regional Initiatives

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